kozaza serves you the best in Korea.
We are specialized in Korea and serve you locally in Korea.
Money saving for unique spaces
You can enjoy unique spaces like Hanok, Korea traditional house, and lower service fee.

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Find a unique space to stay in Korea: house, apartment, studio, guesthouse, pension, templestay and Hanokstay. If you like to experience the Korean traditional space and culture, you may stay at a Hanokstay featured by kozaza. We are specialized in Korea and serve you locally. You can also save money with kozaza’s affordable service fee.

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Share your spare rooms, get money, and make global friends. You can list your spaces on kozaza in a few minutes for free. Everything is under your control. You can control the date to share your spaces and reservation requests. We are connecting you to global guests with the trust.

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Best in Korea: Unique, Local, Price
With focused on Korea, kozaza is able to share more special spaces unique to Korea. We can help hosts and foreign guests locally with in-depth knowledge about Korea. In addition, we serve you with more affordable service fee.

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