We all are the CEO

KOZAZA is a team with talented and passionated members. We all have different characters and capabilities, but share a goal and a vision to move forward. The pleasure of work in Kozaza is made by YOU. Kozaza members take responsibility as we respect and guarantee freedom of each individual. We make the best value with self-regulating and constant communication so we hope that all members can be the great CEOs someday in future.

We make a big value with capabilities of individual

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Marketing Team

Capability of reading trend sharply and taking action

Good understanding of communications via social media, have an insight to read trend and lead with strategy and plan. Fast for taking action and able to control the stress from external business.

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Development Team

Development ability to focus on constructing platform service

Develop the services with earnest. We try our best to provide the best services with such as Frontend part(:HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery), Backend part(:Linux, mysql, Codeigniter, Java...), Apps part(:swift, Android).

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Design Team

Sense with detail not missing a tiny pixel    

Design the services with sense and general understanding of design. Constantly think of communicational design how to use and pass on to customers. Continuously develop the new media and trend with interest.

Make your amazing story with us in good working environment

Support for members educationFree lunchFree booksComfortable space for rest
Attending conferencesWatch various performancesFree coffee and cafeSupport expense of family event

Spread your brilliant ability toward world with Kozaza

Contact us anytime about career to contact@kozaza.com