kozaza Service Privacy Policy
Article 1 (General Provisions)
  1. Personal information is information about the individuals by name, etc. to recognise as a particular individual codes, text, voice, sound and video information (information can not be recognized a particular individual easily combined with other information know If you can include that information) refers to.
  2. Personal location information includes the location of certain personal information (position information alone can not know the location of a particular individual, even if combined with other information to facilitate the location of a particular individual can know that the Includes) refers to.
  3. Company takes very serious about customer's personal information and is in compliance with privacy regulations of the Korea Communications Commission regulations.
  4. A company must notice if customer's personal information is being used for any purpose and how to protect following steps through the privacy policy
  5. Company publish the privacy policy on the first page or homepage so that customer always can check easily.
  6. Company is available for modify the privacy policy following the Korea Communications Commission or operation provision of company. Company provides the version number in case of change of privacy policy so customer could easily check.
Article 2 (Purpose of collect and use of personal information)
  1. Company notify in advance in case of collecting personal information following related law through signing up or terms and conditions.
  2. The personal information that company collects are as follows: : Name, phone number, username, password, email, location, customer history, profiles, registration, reviews, statistics, data, services, configuration information, access logs, etc.
  3. Company collects and uses your personal information for the purposes as follow: Identification / authentication, services and products (goods and services alliance partners to offer included) and provide guidance, identify the frequency of use according to demographic characteristics and services, personalized services (eg recommended friends), service, specialized product development, and service usage statistics for users, analyze (the user's age, gender,local activities), gift, sent a message, event information and promotion, and prevention of identity theft, etc.
  4. Without client's' agreement, company doesn't collect the personal information such as idea, beliefs, past hospital history which can occurs invasion of privacy or profit by customer's right.
Article 3 (method of collection of personal information)
  1. In case of signing up for the membership in Kozaza services, company collect personal information which was agreed on screen.
  2. Other than that, company can collect personal informations website, the written form, fax, telephone, counseling, message boards, email, events, provided by partner company, generating collection tool.
Article 4 (Use of personal information and providing)
  1. Company uses and provides the customer's personal information only in range of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and never use or provide out of the range.
    1. Your profile information(name/photo/self-introduce) and your own posts will be share with the other members in the service.
    2. In case of the right of company as a service provider is moved completely due to disposal or acquisition, .we will notify of method and process and let customer to choose of closure of agreement.
  2. Incase of fee calculation whether customer agree or not agree, company may provide third party or use beyond the notified terms to customers if a National Tax Act, the Local Tax Law, Communications Privacy Act, the Real Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Secrecy Act, the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Electricity Telecommunications Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, Consumer Act, Korea Bank, the Criminal Procedure Code and other related laws have special regulations. However, even though the special regulations, company doesn't provide personal information in necessary and follows the process and method of provision.
  3. Company may collect and use the personal information without agreement of customers when it is hard to get permission clearly due to economical or technical issue in case of company's service provision.
Article 5 (Use of personal information and the retention period)
  1. Usage and store of the personal information of customer by company based on during the term, but to prevent from reactivation of faulty users, defamation, infringement disputes and investigations, etc., and to cooperate to preserve members six months after withdrawal.
  2. Company destroy the documentary evidence of customer once authorisation is done.
Article 6 (destruction of personal information)
  1. Company destroy the personal informations after achieve the purpose of usage or when its expiry date is over, except in needed of storage due to customer's agreement, terms and conditions, related regulations.
  2. Company pulverise the personal information written on paper. Also remove datas of personal information in electronic storage and it is unavailable of regeneration.
Article 7 (Customer rights and usage)
  1. Customer always available to open and revise the personal information which is company stored about usage, provision history, collection,usage,provision agreement. Company modify when there is agreement of revision or deletion if there is any error, passed the expiry date.
  2. Company takes action when customer is willing to open or revise the personal information in online, click "Change Profile" directly to open and revise or inquire to Cyber Customer Center Online or send an email to webmaster.
  3. When deputy asks for open and authorise of personal information, company check cleary the documentary of deputation and authentication certificate of customer's seal if mandator is officially deputed.
  4. When customer asks for revision of personal information's error, company doesn't use or provide the information until the revision is completed.
  5. Company directly notify about revision of the wrong personal information when we already provided it to the third party.
  6. Customer entered the newest status as personal information and notify to company if there is any change. If customer fills up the inaccurate information or does not notify to company, customer take responsibility.
  7. It is punishable and losable the membership if customer illegally use of other's name, invasion or false information.
  8. Company may charge, refuse or postpone if customer continuously ask to open and provide the information so it cause inconvenience of business, or the amount of data is huge that cost.
Article 8 (Withdraw the agreement of collection, usage, provision of personal Information)
  1. Customer can withdraw the agreement of collection,usage,provision of personal information anytime. Click "Delete Account for withdraw the agreement or contact manager of membership with letter, call, email, etc. so company directly delete the personal information or such.
  2. Company notify to customer if customer agreed with withdraw the agreement and delete the personal information.
  3. Company makes easier for withdraw the agreement than collection the personal information.
Article 9 (Privacy consignment)
  1. For the professional service operation, company can depute the work of dealing personal information to agency. Deputation contract contains ensure of safety of the informations, prevent from drain, responsibility of regulatory.
  2. The company specializes in the external handling of your personal information to commit if the contents of its commissioning, the trustees are to be disclosed later.
Article 10 (Technical and administrative measures for the protection of personal information)
  1. Technical measures : To prevent personal information is lost, stolen, disclosure, alteration, the company devises technically as follow.
    1. Prevent from forge or falsify of access record
    2. Depending on the type of privacy-related laws and regulations that require storage or transmission level of encryption are managed by the application of encryption technology.
    3. Use anti-virus program to prevent the damage caused by computer viruses and regularly update anti-virus program so provide the vaccine as soon as it is protect your personal information by sudden emergence of the virus.
    4. Using the encryption algorithm to securely transfer personal information over a network security device has been adopted.
    5. Against external threats such as hacking and intrusion detection systems, and each server vulnerability analysis system is committed to the security.
  2. Administrative Measures
    1. Privacy on the company internal management plan has implemented.
    2. The company restricted access as least to personal information.
    3. Company offers regular training about obtain new secure skills, responsibility of protect personal information to staff whom in charge of handling of personal information.
    4. Company prepared internal process to observe the staffs' following and privacy policy to prevent from draining through pledge.
    5. Privacy is the transition operator's business in a secure state of the incident and the leaves thoroughly and ensure your personal information to clarify responsibility for the accident.
    6. Store the personal information and general data separately not to be mixed.
    7. Computer room and data storage room, and by setting up protected areas to control access.
    8. Company does not take responsibility of basic risk of internet and customer's mistakes. Customer must manage and take responsibility of own username and password to protect personal information.
    9. Company take the appropriate measure and rewards if there is accidents by theft of personal information, disclosure, alteration, damage caused due to the company's internal managers due to mistakes.
Article 11 (Post of service)
  1. The company cares customers' posts, and protect from deletion, falsify, damage. However, company takes appropriate action wtih delete, block, modify, change requests, warnings, blackout, and so on in case of as follows.
    1. Spam (example: Letter of luck, 8 billion mail, promotion of specific website and so on)
    2. A post in purpose of slander or spreading false information.
    3. Publish of personal information without agreement, invasion of copyright or portrait right.
    4. Contrary to other laws or undermine public morals or bulletin board posts and other content of the topic
  2. Company can delete or modify the specific part of post or published others' personal information to activate the culture of clean post.
  3. Company may mention or give a warning separately and delete the post.
  4. As a general rule, the responsibility of post is on writer him/herself. Also it is hard to be protected once you publish the information by yourself so please take serious before upload the information.
Article 12 (Personal information manager and consultation report)

To protect customers' personal information and deal with complaint, we put a personal information manager. If you have any questions regarding privacy, please contact us.
Name: Sanku Jo
Email: privacy@kozaza.com
Telephone number (+82)-1544-5665
You may get more information from the governmental offices as below
- Privacy Complaint Center: Phone (+82)-118. E-mail 118@kisa.or.kr. Web http://www.118.or.kr
- Privacy Mark Certification Committee: Phone (+82)-2-580-0533, Web http://www.privacymark.or.kr
- Prosecutor's Office Internet criminal investigation center: Phone (+82)-2-3480-3600, Web http://icic.sppo.go.kr
- Cyber Terror Response Center: Phone (+82)-2-392-0330, Web http://www.police.go.kr

Article 13 (Attachment)

Kozaza service privacy policy was established on January 19, 2012. If there is addition, deletion, revision in compliance of the government's policy or change of security technology, Kozaza will inform the users via email or website.