How to use Kozaza

Main Page

1. Log in: Log in and sign up
2. Search: You can search the accommodation with location, name of the place, price range, number of guests, date.
3. Recommendation/Promotion: Is it hard to find your best place? Have a look where KOZAZA recommended.
4. You can change the language and currency.
5. List your space: Click if you want to be a host.


1. Map: Explore the map and find your accommodation.
2. Option: You can search as you set up for type of the place, price range, amenities, etc...
3. Ask KOZAZA: Ask Kozaza a help if you feel difficult to find the place.
4. Room information: You can check various rooms

Room Information/Reservation

1. Price: Check price of the room per night.
2. Check in/out: Set the date of check in and out.
3. Number of guest: How many are you?
4. Add Favourite
5. Contact host: Click here if you want to talk to host about the room
6. Direct Call: Click if you want to call directly to host


1. Subtotal: You can check the price of the room.
2. See detail: Check the price of deposit, cleaning fee.
3. Service fee: It is Kozaza's service fee.
4. Coupon: do you have coupon? If you have Kozaza voucher, apply the coupon code here!
5. Total: Amount that guest is going to pay
6. Contact: Leave your contact.
7. Payment method: Choose the payment method you like between Paypal, credit/debit card, wire transfer.

Reservation request has been made! Host will answer you in 24 hours whether
confirm/decline. If you chose the wire transfer as your payment method, you should transfer
the money first to complete the request. Your request is instantly completed if you pay by
credit card or paypal.


Check itinerary if your reservation is confirmed. You can check the location of the
accommodation, phone number and email address of the host. Also you can check how to get
there, house rules, house manual, your receipt, cancellation policy.

Communicate with host

You can communicate with host anytime you want through 'Contact Host'. You can talk about
your questions about the rooms, check-in time, etc.. You can take Kozaza Message as email
and SMS as well.


Was your stay satisfying? Then leave a review on Kozaza website!
Your review will be a great help for the other guest in future.
Host will answer on your review as well.


Kozaza's tip for successful host

1) What's good to be host
Meet new people with passion of travel. Share your experience as part of the global network.
Your rooms and profile are going to be introduced to everyone in Kozaza if you list your space as host.
Kozaza host greets the various guests who visited Korea from abroad, family traveller, company workshop
and group, young people who travel in whole country. A condition to be successful host is good preparation
to greet guests, smooth communication, safety and trust. Also your place can be a good profit maker.
Show your place and manage your calendar constantly. Kozaza is always going to be with you.

Before list your space

Cool pictures of room; Take your space's pictures. High quality recommended.
Personal profile picture and self-introduce: Introduce yourself in profile.
Good profile makes guests trust you more.

1. List your space

House/Whole Apartment: Guest is going to use whole house/apartment.
Guest who wants personal space or group who wants larger space seek the house/apartment often.
You should consider the price after combining all the rooms in the house.
Even though you are not going to stay with guests, you should keep in touch and care of them.

Private room: Guest and Host are going to use the house together but guest is going to have private room in the house.
Tell guests if the room they are going to have has own bathroom or shared.

Shared room: It is popular from guest who wants to save money. Guest is going to share the room with other guests.
We recommend you to divide the space with curtain or partitions.

2. Room description.

Describe your room so guest will see how the space is. Write it clearly and honestly.

3. Summary.

You can set up the number of the guest in the room, type of bed. Also fill up the house rule and house manual too.

4. Price.

Set the price you think it's worthy. You can manage the price with marketing strategy.
You also can set the price as KRW or Dollar. If you need, you can take weekend price(Friday, Saturday),
price for additional guest, cleaning fee. But additional price should be noticed on description again


If there is no booking request after weeks you listed space, reduce the price.
You can increase anytime again once you get review and higher rank.

5. Calendar management

Show guests when your space is available through calendar. If you check the date whether your place is available
or not available, you don't need to send "Sorry, we are not available on the date of your request" all the time.
So we recommend you to update your calendar regularly.


-You can set the calendar if you want different price for specific week or weekend.
- Your place can be affected by low season. Keep your competitiveness as reduce the price.

6. Sync with external calendar

If you enter the link of calendar of Airbnb or Agoda, your reservation calendar is updated automatically. You can check your room availability all at once.

7. Uploading Picture

Upload clear high-quality pictures. Uploading pictures not only the room but also amenities, bathroom, kitchen, interior and
scenery of near house lead higher success rate of reservation. You can describe each pictures and manage the rdering.

8. Accommodation policy

- Check in / out time
- Minimum/Maximum stay
- Refund policy


Refundable for cancellation of 24 hours before the check in.


Refundable for cancellation of 5 days before the check in.


50% refundable for cancellation of 7 days before the check in.
※ Kozaza Service Fee is non-refundable

9. Location

Your space will be shown on the map once you enter the address, so don't forget.
The exact address of your place will be shown to guest once the reservation is completely succeed.

10. My listings

If you finished preparation for list your space, click 'My listing's'
- Modify Listings: When you need extra modification of listing
- Preview Online: Check how your place will be shown to guest
- View Calendar: Set the available/not available date for reservation of your place
- Listed/Unlisted: Your place will be shown to guest when you check it as Listed
- Duplicate/Delete Listing: You will skip the process when you add extra room

Guest reservation Request

Was your stay satisfying? Then leave a review on Kozaza website!
Your review will be a great help for the other guests in future.
Host will answer your review as well.

1. Message.

Communicate with Guest through our Kozaza Message System. Good answer will lead a reservation.

2. Reservation Request

Check the reservation plan and answer to guest with confirm/decline
Give a warm welcome to guest when you confirm the request
When you decline the request, tell guest about the reason why you declined and check on calendar for sure

3. Itinerary check

When the reservation is confirmed, check the guest profile and check-in date.
Tell guest the address of the place and how to get there before arrival.