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Kozaza connect people with trust. We provide you a reliable service as we authorise the profile and accommodation.
Our special message system helps the communication between the host and the guest.

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Signing up for kozaza

kozaza is a Korean home sharing platform where share the space and connect people. Let your journey begin with kozaza!

Q. How to sign up?

On the top of the Kozaza homepage, click Log In > Sign up. You can easily join our website as long as you have email address or connectable with Facebook.

Q. Does it cost?

No, join in Kozaza is free.

Q. Why do I need to make a profile?

Kozaza is the House sharing platform where connect people with trust. As you create your profile, host and guest can trust each other to share the space.



You can find a place to stay in Korea through Kozaza such as Hanokstay or guest house. We help you to experience the best of travel in Korea.

Q. How to search?

You can start searching on the main page of our homepage, www.kozaza.com.
1) Type the city, region, accommodation or name you want to search
2) Select the date of check in/out. 3) Select number of guest.
3) Click 'Search'. We will give you the best result of your request.

Q. How to check the exact address of the accommodation?

You will get the address once your booking request get confirmed by host. You can check the details of the place in 'Itinerary' such as address, contact of host, how to get there and so on.

Q. I only want to see the places I like

You can make your own favourite list! Go to the detail page of accommodation and click 'Save as my favorites'.

Q. I want to know the details of the place I like

If you think the details of accommodation on website is not enough, you can send a request through 'Contact Host'. If it's special occasion such as 20+ people, event, workshop etc., you can contact directly to Kozaza.


Make your travel in Korea unforgettable with Kozaza.

Q. How to book the place?

Search the place you like and send a booking request to host. We will get back to you in 24hours. Request will be automatically expired after 24 hours.

Q. I didn't get answers after sending booking request.

Host should answer in 24 hours. If don't, request is going to be expired.

Q. I want to contact to host directly

You can talk to host via Kozaza message system (Contact Host). We give you the number of host once your booking is confirmed due to safety issue.

Q. Can I come with kid?

You can check on the detail page of accommodation if they are appropriate for family. Also, you can ask to host in advance.

Q. Can I change my reservation?

You have to notify to host as soon as possible if there's any change of date, number of guest. In this case, the price can be changed and you should cancel the previous booking you made, and re-book it again.
The amount of money you paid previously will be refund as host's refund policy.

Q. Can I change not confirmed booking request?

yes, if host didn't confirmed your request yet, you can cancel and make a new one.

Q. How can I cancel the request? Is there a penalty?

If you want to cancel your booking request after confirmation, click 'My Trips' and cancel your reservation.
You will get refund following host's refund policy and service fee is non-refundable.


Kozaza's reservation/payment system is easy and safe. We try our best to provide you a trustable service in excellence.

Q. What kind of payment options do you have?

You can pay by Credit cards, Paypal and bank wire transferring system to make payment.

Q. How much is the service fee?

6%-12% of the price that a host sets up for the space will be given to Kozaza. Kozaza opens all the prices
for transparent and safe trades, and tries to help both guests and hosts to communicate with one another efficiently,
and to protect both of you until your travel is over. kozaza fees are used for Kozaza website management,
and all the provisions including host/guest services.

Q. There are errors on the payment page.

You need to check up a couple of things when you have errors on the payment page.
1) Is activeX set up well?
2) If you use Internet Explorer, you may try to download Google Chrome Browser.
If you still have errors, contact us immediately to contact@kozaza.com or 1544-5665.

Q. How can I make sure that I completed making payment on kozaza?

You will get the email that your reservation is confirmed. You can check your travel schedule, transaction records, and receipts on "My Travel".


As kozaza connects people with trust, comunication is very important. We will increase the satisfaction of guest and host with a smooth communication.

Q. I can't contact to my host

Contact us so we can help you quickly. Tel: 1544-5665 or Email: help@kozaza.com.

Q. Why should I leave a review?

Review is the most important thing after you checked-out. With your review, the other guests can get more information
and the host can get a chance to improve their service.

Q. What if the accommodation looks different from Kozaza homepage?

Tell us if you were disappointed with mismatch of our homepage description of the place, so we will find you a solution.
Also you can leave a review about it too.


How can I register my place?

You will find 'List Your Space' when you see the top of right side at the main page of our website.
Choose the type of place and type of the room, and create your own page.

Q. How can I write description of the place?

You will meet guests you'd like if you write the detailed description about your place since guests
are looking for the place on their purpose of travel. Describe such as check-in/out time,
if you offer the free wifi, venue information and transport so it will be a lot of help to guest to understand your place.

Q. I already have our own website for the place. What are the good points if I use kozaza website for receiving reservation requests?

The best thing is that you can open the door for having much more potential guests if you use kozaza homepage
as your reservation method. Usually a personal homepage does not have a credit card payment system,
while kozaza has the convenient payment functions. Your homepage can be found by much more users if you host on kozaza
since we are becoming more and more famous worldwide, resulted by our active marketing strategies.

Q. We described our space in Korean. Do you translate them for our foreign guests?

If you find a difficulty of using another language, use our translator. 1) Click 'List Your Space' on the main page 2) Click "description(other languages): selection" on the lower part of the kozaza homepage. 3) Click "Google translation" and it will translate your description automatically. The kozaza team will translate them one more time and refine them in detail after the first translation is done by Google translation. The spaces already listed on kozaza will move to this same page if you click on "update list" menu.

Q. Is there a fee for signing up as host?

Kozaza website services including listing space and reservation processes are free of charge. If your guest pays by a credit card, then 3-5% credit card service fee will be deducted from the amount of money you are going to receive.

Q. It's hard for me to take pictures and create my own page on Kozaza. Can you help with that?

If you contact us via phone(1544-5665) or email(help@kozaza.com), we will help you shortly.

Q. Is it necessary to have profile picture?

Pictures mean a lot since all the process work on the internet. Of course the picture of your place is important but also your picture is important to make a good impression to guests. The hosts tend to have higher reservation rates when they uploaded their profile photos. We recommend you to post your smiling pictures in your space. you can post the photos of your family members if you run the business together.

Reservation Request & Management

Raise profit through the effective reservation management system of kozaza.

Q. I find it hard to check up my homepage. What if I miss the reservation request?

You will receive a mobile phone text message and an email if a reservation request comes in.
You have 24 hours to confirm the reservation request, so you can decide whether or not the requested reservation
would be accepted or not.

Q. Is there a disadvantage on my part of the deal if I decline a reservation request?

Your request can be denied according to your situation. There aren't any disadvantages to the host if they decline.
If any unexpected thing happens to you, then you can send the requesting guest a message explaining your situation
so that the guest will have a good impression on you.

Q. What does it mean that the reservation request is expired?

You need to decide if the reservation request will be accepted or not within 24 hours.
If not, then the reservation request will expire automatically.
Make sure to consider and confirm the reservation request within 24 hours.
The ranking of your space can go down when you do not respond within 24 hours.

Q. I have two reservation requests for the same day. What do I need to do?

When you have multiple reservation requests for your space, one must be declined. If you don't confirm ahead of time, you and your guest will have trouble. To avoid double reservation, it is vital for you to check out the kozaza calendar.

Q. What is Kozaza calendar?

The kozaza calendar is the system to help you to organize your time and space in an efficient way. It will show you "check in available" "check in not available," and "booking completion" for your space.
When you can't have guests, you have to mark the day as "reservation completed" on the calendar.
It will be convenient for your guests when you are good at managing your calendar and schedule, causing your space not to be overbooked.

Q. I want to talk with my guest before confirming a reservation. How do I talk with them?

To protect the personal information of the host, the personal address of the host will not be revealed to the guest. You can use the kozaza message service if you need to communicate with your guest before booking confirmation.

Welcoming guests and payment policy

kozaza introduce you from stay of guest and the end of stay.

Q. What needs to be done when guests come?

You will go and greet your guests near your space or your home. When a host welcomes the guests, they can become familiar with the foreign place they are visiting.
Offer them refreshing welcome drinks and introduce some famous landmarks next to your space will make even better impression.

Q. I'm not good at speaking foreign languages. What should I do?

Print out and place some translated information about the room requirements and how to use commodities. In case of the need of an interpretation, the Kozaza team will assist you if you contact us.

Q. How can I decide the price?

It is all up to host so you can make a decision about how much it will be for one night stay, and there is no requirement for prices on kozaza. You can look up the prices on other room prices on the listings and then set up a price for your place.

Q. When and how will I get paid?

Accommodation fee will be wire transferred to your bank account every Tuesday after check-in. If a payment is made by a credit card it will be deposited into your account after the procedure period of the credit card company.

Q. What if my guest canceled the booking on the previous day right before his appointed check-in date? Do I need to refund?

You may select one of the refund options when you sign up for kozaza membership and you may refund to your guest according to the refund guidelines that you choose. Refund guidelines are :
1. guest is full refunded if cancellation is made 5 days before check-in,
2. 30% is refunded if it is made 2 days before check-in,
3. No refund if it is made one day before check-in.

Q. I can't reach my guest

If you do, try these as follow.
1) Call your guest phone number
2) Send message via Kozaza. If your booking status is 'confirmed', it's still valid reservation.
If the guest decided to cancel or doesn't show up at last, then the refund policy you choose will be applied.

Q. My guest left a review

Leave a reply comment for it! It will remain your guest the better impression and memories for your place and experience.