Hey, I'm Min S. Kim!

Member since 01/11/2017
Languages : Korean, English
This is Jeong and Min who are host of Jeong house Hongdae in Seoul. We would like you to have an experience to stay in my house of fusion-Korean style.

Jeong works at a language school for children, and Min works at a trading company. We like K-pop, Movie, Baseball, Singing, Camping, Skiing, Food, learning foreign culture, language and Overseas traveling! We know what travelers want to know during staying foreign country. Especially, Seoul is exciting city and we would like to recommend our favorite spot. Also, we can provide you many information for your travel in Korea, and let you know the JEONG in Korean.

Have you ever eaten the Choco-pie?
The name of this Choco-pie popular in Korea is “Jeong, 情, 정”.

“Jeong” is very special word to Korean.
The dictionary definition of “Jeong” is “Mind that feels love or familiarity.”
However, it is vey difficult to explain about the exact meaning to foreigner by word.

Actually, many men say the most difficult thing to understand in Korean culture is “Jeong”. They say it is not difficult to understand the culture of sharing a kind heart, but how to define of the “Jeong” as Korean.

It is not Love, Friendship and Sympathy.

We want you to understand what means “Jeong, 情, 정” on your own in my place.

Kind, Friendly, Warm and Humanity Feelings in Korean!

I’m your JEONG!

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