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박이 가득한 집

낮게 쌓은 흙담 아래로 콩과 고추, 들꽃이 무럭무럭 자라고 있는 전주한옥마을의 한 골목. 그 골목을 들어서면 박 넝쿨이 감싼 담이 보인다. 그곳은 바로 박을 주제로 지은 한옥, 박가네. 박이 상징하는 다복함과 소박함을 신조로 운영하고 있는 이곳에서는 독특한 박의 변신을 만날 수 있다.

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  • Suh Yoon Lee

    [Jeonju Hanok Village] Bakgane Pyojubak

    겨울이라서 조금 걱정했는데 난방 잘되서 따듯하고 방이랑 화장실 다 너무 깨끗해서 좋았어요. 호스트 아주머니께서 더 큰 빈방으로 업그레이드도 시켜주셨구용 ㅎ 작은 골목 안으로 살짝 들어가야지 입구가 보여서 조금 찾기 어려웠는데 전화로 설명 들으니까 쉬웠고 조용해서 좋았어요. 한옥마을 중심이라 위치도 굳! 또 갈게용 :) My sister and I worried a bit at first cause it was winter and hanoks aren't known to be completely cold-proof. However, the room was nice and heated, especially the floor which you sleep on directly with your bedsheets the traditional way. The room, the silk bedsheets, and the bathroom were all very clean and ordered. The host even upgraded us to a slightly bigger empty room with an extra level and sleeping space.The location is right in the middle of the hanok town area but a little bit hard to find since you have to turn into a tiny street from one of the main roads to see the entrance but a phone call to the host helped us find it once we were near it. Check out time was quite early-10:30 am but the host let us leave our bags with clothes (no valuables) in the corner of the room and come back for them later. Would stay again :)

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