Beyond the star​​









 What is Finestay


- Finestay is an online platform that connects travelers to the prestige accommodation.

The property includes Hanoks (Korea traditional house), galleries, deluxe homes and apartments.

The sparkling beauty of Finestay is the blend of Technology and hospitality, Travel Tech service

All listed properties are owned by local hosts and it is only available through Kozaza.   

 The convenient and innovative service will deliver quality to your travel.                                     





  Fabulous way to enjoy the city


   - Guest can experience an unique and excellent accommodation in the country with full support from Fimestay service team.   

   - Also, Finestay does not only arrange an accommodation, various of amenities can be arranged through the service.

   - After the confirmation travelers can manages their Check-in/out trough mobile and web. 

   - Finestay will guarantee your vacation with a great pleasure!  





  Create global network 


- Finestay connects prestigious global guests to the finest Home&House in Korea

- Finestay work to provide healthy network between host&guest

- Implement of social network creates global bonds

- Enjoy meeting new friends and neighborhoods! 




Meet Our Top 10 Members



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Finestay works to deliver comfort and style

Contact us (+82) 1544-5665 or
for more information.
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