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Share your space, get money, and make global friends.

How much can you earn?

50,000 KR WON a night. 20 day booking a month.

  • 1 million KR WON a month.
  • 12 million KR WON a year.

Free Registration

List your space for free. You can upload several photos along with title and description on your space. You need to set the price and availability. 

Confirm Reservation

You may accept or decline to the reservation request from potetial guest. You will be informed the request by kozaza messaging system as well as SMS and email.

You may check the guest information before deciding to accept or not the request: guest profiles, friends, and reputation.

Only on your acceptance, kozaza provide your contact and address to the guest. 

Make Money

You may provide additional information to the guest about your space and direction. You may communicate to the guest using kozaza message system or guest's contact information.

You will be paid 24 hours after the guest checkins to the account number that you put in kozaza as one of host information.


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