Unique Value of Kozaza

Best in Korea!

Unique Spaces, Local Services, Lower Prices 

We serve you the best locally in Korea.

Dedicated to Korea, we can help guests for traveling in Korea. 

  • Find a unique spaces
  • Enjoy the best price
  • Contact kozaza for any help

Unique Spaces

Located in the heart of Seoul, kozaza can invite hosts with unique spaces including Hanoks, Korean traditional houses, and Pensions, unique homestays in rural areas of Korea.

Global guests will experience genuine culture of Korea staying in variety of unique spaces in Korea: house, apartment, studio, guesthouse, pension, Templestay, and Hanokstay.

Local Services

kozaza is specialized in Korea.

kozaza can help hosts and guest locally with 24 hour contact. 


kozaza will provide guests with detail local travelling guide through the collaboration with local hosts.

More Money

With innovative services, kozaza help hosts and guest to save money. So, hosts will get more money  while guests pay less with our lower service fee. 

We will give you detail comparision about how you could get enconomic value by listing your space and traveling with kozaza.



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