Hey, I'm Jae-Deok CHOI!

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전주한옥마을 중심에위치한
홍란미덕 한옥체험숙박,
한국의 빛 전통한옥체험관입니다.

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  • Jun-Heon LEE

    The Light of Korea : Light of Water

    It was great experience staying here and I was unwilling to leave at the last day of our trip ^_^ The house is well decorated. Artistic style with good furniture. Everything well prepared. The host is very kind. We talked a lot and then I knew quite a bit about Korea. Thank you and hope we have another chance to visit Jeonju and meet you again!

  • Brunai Sunny

    The Light of Korea : Light of Water

    One of best hanoks in Jeonju. We love this place.

  • Matthew Wait

    Hongranmiduk Hanok - Misil Room

    This was an exciting experience for two travellers from England. We arrived late in the evening and it was very difficult to find the building. Once we had, there was no-one there so we had to rely on the help of a kind lady in the next building to find our room. Once in the room, it was comfortable and nicely heated underfloor, and the bathroom was clean and fine. The location is great - easily walkable around the city, and great to live in the historical traditional style. It is all a bit confusing for Westerners though - it wasn't clear what we were meant to sleep on or under! But we muddled through!

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