Hey, I'm woosook seo!

Member since 05/30/2013
Work : artist.teacher
Languages : Korean, Japanese, Chinese(s), English
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i like meet new people. i like trip. so i know what you need.
i will make nice your trip!
also i am artist. you will stey look like gallery house.

Host's listings (Map view)


  • Connor Affleck

    @sleep at beautiful artist house @gangnam

    A good experience! The apartment is near Han River. This is awesome.

  • Rachel Mcadams

    @sleep at beautiful artist house @gangnam

    Sook was a great host. The apartment was very clean and close to the subway station. Her English is good so we were able to communicate. I really enjoyed the getting to experience how families live in Korea and traditional Korean food. Highly recommended.

  • Karl Wiegand

    clean room@coex. best plastic surgery hospital @gangnam

    I stayed at http://www.kozaza.com/rooms/1004918 for about a week during April 2014 for a conference at COEX. This apartment is very cozy and Woo Sook is an amazingly thoughtful and caring hostess -- she really makes you feel like you are at home. I had a wonderful time staying here. The apartment has 3 bedrooms, each approximately 2.5 meters by 3 meters in size (one bedroom might have been larger than this), with a bed, television, and windows. I think the beds could be considered

  • Kyle Kloster

    @sleep at beautiful artist house @gangnam

    Woo Sook is very friendly, and the location very convenient for getting to and from Incheon airport by the 6006 bus

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