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We offer affordable and quality accommodation in the most relaxed and comfortable place. We are in the fantastic location for travelling and shopping. we are located just 150 M from Myeongdong Subway station which is the center of Seoul and the best shopping area.

Namsan Guest House is convenient for transportation, so you can go to Korea’s famous places easily such as Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, City hall, Cheonggaecheon, Insadong, and old palace.

We do our best to satisfy our guest by supporting travel information, free Seoul map, and taking care 24 hours like your home.

We offer many different facilities that will suit all guests and cater for all your needs when travelling; this is the perfect location for you to stay when you visit the beautiful Seoul.

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  • garam kim

    Namsan Guesthouse1_VIP Room2

    저렴한 예산의 여행에 딱 좋은 게스트 하우스였습니다!

  • jinho jeong

    Namsan Guesthouse1_VIP Room2

    혼자 여행해도 좋아요

  • sengho lee

    Namsan Guesthouse1_VIP Room2


  • xueying li

    Namsan Guesthouse 2_Twin Room B


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