Hey, I'm jimmy pastel!

Member since 05/11/2012
Work : Internet Business & Shopping
School : seoul
Languages : Korean, English
my facebook : jimmy guest house
Jimmy paste's apartment ( jimmy guest house ) is very popular in south korea.

- Lowest price, high-end full option facilities and Security system apartment.
- This location area very safe and clean area.
- Subway station, shopping mall in front of apartment."
- Bakery, coffee shop, 24hour store, stationery at apartment first floor.

Apartment facilities

- Elevator, heating, air conditioning, room key, the main door key, private locker
- FREE fastest WIFI, outside protable 4G WIFI (egg) rent service,
- Hair dryer, shampoo, body wash, hand soap, towels, washing machine, steam iron
- Satellite cable 55 inches tv, audio, computer, Notebook, global and multi adapter
- Microwave, coffee pot, water purifier, refrigerator, toaster, electric kettle, induction
- Alarm clock, lamp, vacuum cleaner, tissue, mirror, Candle Mood Light, slippers
- Sofas, armchairs, tables, carpet, table, Trash can, 110V transformer,
- Dining table, cookware, blender, wine glasses, beer glasses, ice boxes
- Free coffee, tea, cookie, candy, Snack
- High quality bedding, Blanket, pillows, mattresses, cushion, dolls and bed, blinds

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