Hey, I'm 현 김!

Member since 03/25/2017
Work : Architect
School : Hanyang University
Languages : Korean, English
Hi, I am Hyun. I'm an architect. In stead of traveling, I prefer to live in different places. Obviously life has brought me around the world. I do 'travel' a lot for many reasons, in which case I stay in hotels for the simplicity. But whenever I can, I try to stay in a place long enough to feel I’m one of its inhabitants. That's when renting someone else's home becomes interesting. It gives a sense of belonging, or attachement to the place I knew nothing about. A neighborhood café, a grocery store, a news stand or a dog next door can all be our special connections with the place and make me semi-locals. Airbnb made it possible to find our temporary homes anywhere in the world, but it can be tricky sometimes just from looking at pictures. And I’m specially difficult to please when it comes to esthetic and comfort. That's why I try to provide high standard amenities for my potential guests. Not just on the obvious things that you can see from the pictures, but also qualities that you can only feel when you are actually here.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. I speak both English and Korean. Feel free to ask questions!

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