Member since 12/03/2015
Work : private business
School : Seoul institute of the arts.
Languages : Korean, English, Japanese
  • 6
Nice to meet you guys, girls
I live in here and travelled a lot of cities over the world.
I wish you meet better Korea, Seoul.
Moreover you and I will get splendid experiences here together, Im sure

사람들을 좋아하고 , 나의 도움을 필요로 하는 사람들을 돕고싶습니다. 여행을 좋아합니다.내가 다른나라를 여행할때 그나라사람이 나를 도와준다면 얼마나 행복할까 ?하는 생각으로 손님들을 맞이하고 있습니다.

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  • sengho lee

    ★★★USB house (Triple room, Double room)

    편하고 좋았어요! 친절하시고 또 이것저것 신경많이써주셔서 위치도 찾기 쉬웠습니다!

  • tourre alex

    Papahouse Guesthouse in Nature #1

    The room is very quiet and the location is very convenient. Highly recomment.

  • 敏 佳

    Papahouse Guesthouse in Nature #1

    Our host was super sweet and considerate! The neighborhood was great too.

  • ying jia

    Papahouse Guesthouse in Nature #1

    The room was nice and cozy and the hosts provided so much.

  • xian quan

    PAPA HOUSE In Jamsil LotteWorld!

    I had a great experience. It's easy to go to Lotte World too!

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