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ove is shared shared house is pinwheel

hearty and emotional communication, a beautiful meeting place~!


Are you planning to visit KOREA? Or are you already staying in KOREA
and looking for a place to stay with great transportation?

Then Pinwheel Academic House is a might be a place for you!

We have a share house open to both Korean natives and ex-pats, and the
idea behind the living setup is to bring people of different
international backgrounds together. If you are a foreigner, we are
sure that our share house would offer you opportunities to study more
about the Korean language and culture.

Host's listings (Map view)


  • Damon Potter

    Pinwheel Academic house (Idae 2 Spot)

    The room is very clean and located near subway. I will be back soon again.

  • Jack Humes

    Pinwheel Academic house (Idae 2 Spot)

    The room was comfortable and clean. I am making sure that the guest has a nice place to stay.

  • Bredan Siang Ng

    Pinwheel Academic house (Sindorim Spot)

    Great location and great view from the room! I highly recommend staying at her place in Seoul.

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