Hey, I'm Emily Gwak!

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Languages : Korean, English
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I used to travel alone before I met my husband. Traveled over 100 cities and almost 50 countries. My family say I traveled enough, but I think travel is never enough. Travel is for life and motivation of everything.

I always get itchy feet, and that's how I met my husband. As I get older, I couldn't make times to travel like before. So that made me to buy a motorcycle. We met in a motorcycle club and traveled all over Korea instead of flying out of Korea. Then we decided to travel together for the rest of our lives. :)

Even though we can't travel like before as we spend more time for future, we still love to be a part of travel. So we'd like to offer our place to you.

If you need any information for traveling in Korea, we could be a little help to share some of our experiences.

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  • 인수 남

    [SEOUL STN 1min] Entire Loft (up to 6 PAX)

    위치나 공간 크기는 만족스러움. 침구도 깨끗하고 전반적으로 괜찮았음

  • Thanyawat Likhitprapabhong

    [SEOUL STN 1min] Entire Loft (up to 6 PAX)

    very good location,you can go to the interesting places conveniently. Many local restaurants nearby. We had a nice time.

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