Hey, I'm Will K. Zheng!

Member since 08/14/2015
Work : Overseas sales manager
School : Chongshin university
Languages : Korean, English
  • 4
My name is Will K. Zheng. I am a Gangnam Stay guest house manager.

After studying English in University and working as a housing manager of PAGODA Academy in Seoul, I decided to work at my friend's company. I promote and export a hot melt adhesives to overseas countries.

In 2007 Summer, I visited U.S.A. and I served John who was a food manager at New Jersey Y camps. I was a food manager's assistant for two months.

Since then all about my vacations is to find some new places and meet new people.

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  • Trevor Leitao

    Entire Flat in Gangnam (2-3 PAX)

    I went to Seoul for a trip and the apartment was really great, It was very cozy and clean, close to Gangnam station which is perfect. very appreciated

  • Nelly Dimitrova

    Entire Flat in Gangnam (2-3 PAX)

    It was a nice place. Perfect for a couple.

  • 艾佳 紅

    Gangnam Studio for 2-3 PAX

    it was a very convenient experience.

  • anna kim

    Gangnam Studio for 2-3 PAX

    친절하게 오는 방법 설명해주시고 좋았습니다!! 또한 위치도 좋았구요, 숙소도 넓어서 사용하기 편했습니다

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