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  • Kunwadee Laisuttisan

    [Dowels] Dormitory Guest House Cocoon Stay 4

    The guesthouse was very clean and the stay was enjoyable. The location of the guesthouse was very convenient as it is just a 5 min walk from Hapjeong station. Overall, it was a nice experience and I would definitely choose to stay there again.

  • Gabiella Han

    [Dowels] Dormitory Guest House Cocoon Stay 4

    The location was excellent , right above the subway exit and there's no need to walk far in this cold weather

  • 인수 정

    [Dowels] Cocoon Stay Guest House Twin room

    위치도 나쁘지않고 깔끔하고 조용한 게스트 하우스입니다.

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