Hey, I'm Ted K!

Member since 07/07/2014
Work : OulCraft Ukulele Builder & Manager
Languages : Korean, English
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This is Ted and LeNah. We are friendly, fun and loving people. We love art, music and travelling. We enjoy meeting people and travelling around the world so we can relate to what most travelers need. It is pleasant to be able to meet people from all walks across the globe. Your welfare is our best interest at heart and we will definitely see to it that you have a pleasant stay.

Please stop by if you need an affordable reliable place to stay in Seoul.



  • lee sanghyup

    StayCation 5 min to Gangnam Station

    약속시간에 맞추어 숙소에서 직접 맞이하여 주셨습니다

  • 김 우종

    StayCation 5 min to Gangnam Station

    진짜 친절하셨어요 , 마치 대접받는 기분이라 오히려 제가 너무 감사했습니다

  • lu xing

    Staycation @ Gangnam with SkyView (2-3 PAX)

    It was a great experience to stay at this place, The house is very nice and has a very convenient location in gangnam. I highly recommend this house if you are looking for a simple but awesome stay !

  • Sachiko Kuramoto

    Staycation @ Gangnam with SkyView (2-3 PAX)

    My stay was excellent. I had a very comfortable room. The home itself was very nice.

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