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  • MAY NG

    [Open Sale!] Citrus fragrance for women only Dongdaemun homestay _ room1

    I had a good time. First of all The location was really convenient. And the place was well managed. I would recommend her place to my friends. ^ ^The location is great and very close to food areas and also the shopping center. so you can practically go anywhere. The house was very clean and well arranged. There is a nice bathroom and a washer to clean your clothes. they provided amenities for our use and even drinks. They were very well organized in renting out this place. I would highly recommend this place for anyone who is visiting Korea. Thank you~^^

  • MAY NG

    [Open Sale!] Citrus fragrance for women only Dongdaemun homestay _ room1

    We had a great stay at citrus fragrance place! Comfortable, consistent with the description, and a great location in central Seoul. Fantastic apartment located just off the Dongdaemun , DDP(Dongdaemun digital Plaza) which is central to most places of interest. Warm welcome. We enjoyed having tea, coffee and various foods to restore us. First and great experience of kozaza services.

  • xueying li

    [Open Sale!] Citrus fragrance for women only Dongdaemun homestay _ room1


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