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Welcome to Seoul station Pencil hostel in Korea.

There is some reasons why you have to choose this accommodation in Seoul, Korea.

1. Great location

If you take Airport Railroad Train, from Incheon International Airport to the Seoul station Pencil hostel directly connected.

- From Seoul station, it takes about 10~15 minutes and from Sukmyung Women’s Univ. just 3 minutes walk to here.

- You can go easily to the other cities like Busan(2nd largest city in Korea), Gyeongju and Jeonju (Traditional cities) etc. by taking trains.

2. Many types of rooms

We have Korean traditional style Ondol ensuite rooms, studio type rooms with kitchens in the rooms. – Mini hotel like facilities.

(There is the biggest mart named Lotte mart at Seoul station, and you can enjoy self cooking with kitchen utensils)

We also have rooms for the budget travelers with yummy breakfast service, even Bibimbab you can enjoy. – Homey atmosphere.

3. Friendly service for the best travel

We will be the important reason why you have to choose us for the best travel. It’s ourselves who are always ready to serve you as our family members and friends. Thank you =)

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