Hey, I'm jenna cho!

Member since 08/29/2013
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안녕하세요 제나하우스 매니져 제나입니다
환영 합니다
언제든지 문의 주세요 ^^

Host's listings (Map view)


  • Kevin Hui

    Good view of the top positions Gangnam # 4

    The room and really neat and clean. And I really enjoyed my stay in Seoul.

  • Eugene Chan

    Good view of the top positions Gangnam # 4

    The apartment was totally like the pictures that were provided on the listing was made the expectation when we arrived very high.

  • 斐 shin

    Jenna Suite Gangnam

    Thanks very much for those wonderful days spent in your place. It was very cozy and highly recommendable

  • mei kong

    Jenna Suite Gangnam

    We had a lovely time at Jenna's place. The place is well described very close to the subway.

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