Hey, I'm Tae-beob KIM!

Member since 03/04/2013
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  • Quentin Cariner

    Guesthouse Gangnam: Single Room (3) [for women]

    The apartment was a great value for its location and amenities. It was extremely convenient too.

  • Emmanuele Davout

    Guesthouse Gangnam: Single Room (3) [for women]

    beautiful apartment!! If you are looking for a clean place, recommendable!

  • Jessica Morgan

    Guesthouse Gangnam: Single Room (3) [for women]

    Great place, very Clean and perfect and location's great too, I'll probably be visiting them again soon in the near future.

  • Anais Studt

    Guesthouse Gangnam: Single Room (3) [for women]

    Awesome host. Very helpful. The location is amazing. Clubs, restaurants, shopping. If You are outgoing, that's the place to be!

  • Berna Simin

    Guesthouse Gangnam: Single Room (1) [ for Women]

    Absolutely loved staying at Guesthouse Gangnam. Tae-beob KIM was a very accommodating host and was kind enough to allow myself and my friend to check in early as well as check out late. We loved the place - spotlessly clean and very homey! Both of us agreed that if we lived in Seoul, this would be just the kind of place we would like. The location right next to the lift from the metro station made life so much easier, especially in the snowy weather and there's a convenience store on the ground floor and lots of traditional Korean restaurants just outside the back exit of the building. Would definitely stay here again when I go back to visit Seoul!

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