Hey, I'm YH Cho!

Member since 12/13/2012
Work : KOZAZA.com
School : GIHE Bulle, Switzerland
Languages : Korean, English
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I am interested in Korean traditional culture and architectures. I am also an avid traveler traveling all over the World. I love to learn about different culture and speaking to people from all over the World.


  • Brian Ziyang Koh

    Reservation not possible

    A very luxurious Hanok compared to the others

  • Yiling Chen

    Reservation not possible

    I've stayed in many Hanoks before.. but Never had this kinda special experience like at Samsongjae. Samsongjae is exceptionally prestigious. Probably one of the most luxurious place among other Hanoks.  But the price is also extremely high. So it can be one of the place you may wanna experience once in your life

  • chunbo zhang

    Samsongjae: Single Room (Foreigner Only)


  • John Park

    Samsongjae: Single Room (Foreigner Only)

    Cheongsongjae is fabulous in serveral aspects. Korea traditional house with very mordern interior design. The bed was very clean and comfortable. Bathroom is decorated in mordern touch. It is located in the heart of Bukchon Hanok Village. The meal was also great. The accommodation price is high. But, it was great experience for me. I strongly recommend this place to people who like enjoy both Korean tradition and morder interior.

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