Hey, I'm Seunghan HAN!

Member since 09/12/2012
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서촌지역 토박이로서 오래된동네에 대한 많은 얘기를 하고싶습니다.

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  • ynj1993 @nate.com

    [Your Night For $10] Han Guesthouse

  • April Tan

    HAN Guesthouse : Nan, Single room

    Grate location, in easy walking distance of numerous restaurants and shops.

  • Lucas Giese

    Han guesthouse : Mae, Triple room

    Tidy but cozy and comfortable Really enjoyed the stay at this Hanok

  • Rachel Mcadams

    Han guesthouse : Mae, Triple room

    Winters in Seoul can be a bit harsh, so I was more than glad to be living at this cozy place. He is warm hospitality made it a home away from home. The house is at a prime location, just 5 mins away from the Gyeongbokgung subway station. The place is clean and has underfloor heating with a view of the Inwang mountain ranges right from the living room. if you are not familiar with Korean traditional food :). I would stay here again, the next time I'm in Seoul.

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