Hey, I'm Vince Son!

회원가입일: 11/06/2015
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5년간 중국,일본,싱가폴,인도네시아,말레이시아,필리핀등 여러나라를 여행하면서 다양한 국적의 사람들로부터 문화, 성격, 언어를 배우고 제 삶의 진정한 행복과 꿈을 찾게 되었습니다.
HouseinKorea가 여러분들이 한국에서 지내시는 동안 재밌는 추억으로 남을 수있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다.
[ 한국에서는 손군을 찾아라! -_- v ]

I have learned what real happiness and dream is in my life during my trips in China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia , Malaysia and the Philippines.
Those experiences taught me to communicate with people from all over the world. I will do my best to offer good service to give you the best moment in our HouseinKorea, Korea.
[ Find Mr.Son in Korea! -_- v ]

经过五年的旅行世界学到了很多在整个。还有发现了真实的幸福和梦想的我的生活。 我希望你在我的宾馆的时,候你创建美好的回忆
[ 在韩国找 Mr Son! -_- V ]


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  • Emmanuele Davout

    [3rooms+2Bathrooms]@Hongdae area

    Host gave us very useful instructions on how to get there

  • Jessica Morgan

    ♡2rooms♡3min's walk@near Hongdae!!

    It was clean, facilities such as aircon and hot water worked perfectly

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