Hey, I'm Nick&MJ Jung!

회원가입일: 02/09/2015
구사가능 언어 : Korean, English
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This is Nick & MJ!

We are brother and sister who love to do a skateboarding and skiing :)

You surely will find our place interesting!

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  • Veikka Samouelian

    ★스튜디오★ NICK & MJ's @서울역

    Location is really good that I could go anywhere so easily. Recommendable!!

  • 지현 손

    ★스튜디오★ NICK & MJ's @서울역

    세세하게 신경써주신게 느껴질정도로 좋은 숙소였습니다.

  • Matthew Liu

    NICK&MJ’s DUPLEX G @강남

    I had a wonderful first trip to Seoul. It was a home away from home. The location was great, close to the subway and directions to the place were perfect!

  • Larry Tse

    NICK&MJ’s DUPLEX G @강남

    This place is so cozy as a picture:) Perfect spot right next to metro station. The room temperature was a little freezing but additional heater was offered for me so quick!! I highly reccomending staying there!

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