Hey, I'm Joon Gu Lee!

회원가입일: 09/12/2014
직업 : General Manager at Albergue Guesthouse
학교 : YONSEI Univ, Seoul
구사가능 언어 : Korean, English, French, Spanish
Hello everyone!
Nice to meet you guys!!!
My name is Joon and majors in Law at YONSEI Univ. in South Korea.
I opened the guesthouse, Albergue, near by HONGIK Univ. most bustling part in Seoul.
I can't imagine my life without traveling. I've traveled over 40 cities in 20 countries.
I love to meet new people and listen to their story. I hope you will be the next one.
My motto is "Come as a guest, leave as a friend" and I'm going to make you can't agree more! Come to visit us or you will miss out on all the funs!

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